It’s not much, but I sent the following

[RT] Everybody - I need your help to end Gamergate. They're following the same playbook and threatening a radio station that interviewed me.

“Mmmmm-good morrow my dearest giraffepeople! mmmmight I trouble sirs and madams for a tasty mmmmorsel?”

minor nitpick, p22 para4: in fact JavaScript has no integer type, all are 64-bit IEEE 754 floats (aside from typed arrays)

Wonderful reading ’s OS X Yosemite review, as always. Opinion of Swift partially, tentatively improved by it. Maybe.


Ultra-simple, ultra-hacky OpenGL-backed window convenience library


C++ serialization system using LuaObj


Recursively get C++ representations of Lua tables


Random access binary heap for pathfinding


PHP class to define a model & interact with MySQL